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Pothos are wonderful plants that grow their roots in water (also capable of growing in soil), and prefer to have some leaves outside of the water. They can be fully submerged for months at a time, but do better when they have leaves fully exposed to the air. 


They are one of the best plants at helping remove nitrates, phosphates, and metabolising fish waste.  They work as a natural filter in your aquarium and can be a game changer in helping keep those heavily stocked tanks low in nitrates. 


They look beautiful when you place them in your filter, or at the top of your tank so their leaves can sit on your tank lid, or hang down the side of your tank. 


They require low - high light, and are one of the easiest plants to care! 


Please keep in mind that every cutting of Pothos is different, but every single cutting is beautiful, healthy, and easy to care for.



Green Pothos


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