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Ramshorn snails are easy to care for, beautiful snails who compliment almost any freshwater aquarium. They eat the same food as any other snail: algae, detritus, left over fish food, and of course KatsAquatics Calcium for incredible shell health. 


Ramshorn Snails are amazing at eating left over food in hard to reach places, thereby decreasing chances of unexpected ammonia spikes. 


Ramshorns are peaceful, and will not bother any other fish or invertebrate in the tank. 


Ramshorn snails are a hot topic in the aquarium hobby because of their rapid breeding capabilities. One snail can turn into 30 snails over the course of a few weeks. For some, that is the perfect scenario, especially if you're new to breeding fish/snails. It can be highly rewarding watching generations of snails be born in your tank. This perk is especially benefical if you're using the snails as feeders for fish such as dwarf pea puffers. 


However, if you don't want your tank overrun with snails, you can easily curb their reproduction rates by removing visible egg clutches and feeding them less food. 


The snails you recieve may be pink, brown, or spotted. Currently, we do not guarantee color selection for Ramshorns. 


Scratches on snail shells:

Here at KatsAquatics, we pride ourselves in having the a healthy, and effective calcalcium supplement that keeps your invertebrates shells/exoskeletons pristine and proper. However, snails may also scratch their shells by being clumsy, falling onsubstrate, or gettin stuck in decor. This is inevitable, and every snai keeper will encounter small scratches on their snails. These scratches usually go away as the snail gets older, provided you have a soft, sand-like substrate for them to make soft crash landings when gliding down the tank.

Assorted Ramshorn Snails

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  • Due to their hardy nature, Ramshorns can be shipped via regular shipping offered on our website. HOWEVER we always recommend upgrading shipping when purchasing any live plant or animal to ensure their health, and maintain our DOA Guarantee. 

    Snails often enter "hibernation mode" during shipping, therefore sometimes may not emerge from their shells up to a week after being added to the tank.

    If you suspect a snail is dead, closely monitor its position in the tank to see if it moves. You may also remove the snail from the water and smell it. If the snail smells foul, it is dead. If it does not, it is still alive. Trust us when we say, you WILL be able to tell the difference in smell between a dead and live snail. 

    We always send a couple of extra snails with every order in order to account for potential DOA's (dead on arrival). If more snails die, and you are left less than what you ordered, reach out to us at We will either offer a refund or ship another batch of snails. 

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