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Natural, Nutritious, Necessary

Calcium that ensures your invertebrates are as happy and healthy as could be.  Top grade nutrition allows your pets to reach their full potential in size, activeness and breeding while keeping your water parameters stable.


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Mystery Snails, Bettas, and more!

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Live Plants and Live Food

Amazon Swords, Jungle Val, Floating Plants, White Worm Cultures and more!

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Tools and decor to make caring for your fish easier and prettier.

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Shop all KatsAquatics products available!


Crested  Geckos 
Now available!


Education Section 

My Mission

My name is Katrine, and I put the Kat in KatsAquatics 

I strive to collaborate with other aquarists, and local businesses. Together we can build a  happier, healthier, and more enjoyable hobby for the animals, and the aquarists. 

Health is almost a direct result from nutrition. That's why, I took it upon myself to create a product no one else has. A calcium supplement that is guaranteed natural, healthy, and actually works. Calcium that you can be sure will do its job, without fear of repercussions. Calcium that is sure to help your aquatic inverts (and Pleco theives!) Live Long, and Swim Strong. 

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Learn more about me here :)

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