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Thanks for coming to find out some more about me! Below I typed up a short story about how, and why KatsAquatics came to be!

All About Me

About Katrine, Founder of KatsAquatics 

       As a current college student, I have worked tirelessly to bring the needed nutrition to not only the aquarium hobby, but around the world too. I've travelled to the depths of the Amazonian jungle last December to better understand the natural environment of where many of our aquarium fish come from. As I stayed in the jungle and volunteered in The Yanacocha Animal Sanctuary, I noticed that calcium deficiencies are prevelant among a large variety of animals, and somewhat unsurprisingly, turtles. While the veterinarian Raul was aware calcium needed to be supplemented, he thought the organization did not have enough money to do so. I thought otherwise, and provided him with some of the calcium tablets I was able to make with the supplies given. After returning home to the states, Raul informed me the the snails have perked up, and their misshapen, and mistreated shells were looking better than ever before. Even though the tablets were never originally intended for turtles, they worked an absolute charm

       While seeing a wild arapaima was fascinating, the Ecuadorian natives were quite surprised to see me marveling over finding wild apple snail eggs by the river bank. What was interesting was that while Amazonian water is acidic, the snails had beautifully smooth, large shells, and were breeding prolifically. After consulting local, and international sources, I confirmed my initial suspicion that calcium was to accredit for the thriving nature of all of the river's inhabitants. Exceptional acid tolerance is a common characteristic of all amazonian fish, and higher PH (as recommended by some hobbyists) is not only unnecessary for smooth, and beautiful snail shells, but also ineffective, and likely to cause more harm to one's aquarium cycle. Mother Nature knows best, and supplemented her waters with calcium rather than changing PH, so what is stopping us from doing the same? I decided, that there should be absolutely nothing to stop us.

       March of last year, I came up with the idea the create calcium tablets to use myself, and to distribute throughout the aquarium hobby. Months of research, and trial-and-error later, I perfected the perfect calcium recipe in May, and initiated sales. Through manufacture, I knew I needed to avoid the ailments accompanied with the few other calcium tabs offered by the market. This includes, but isn't limited to: water fouling, PH swings, TDS alterations, Vitamin D3 inclusions, and simply being unappetizing to crustaceans. And so, I did just that. Now the only question left is what reason is there to deprive hobbyists and their pets from this all-in-one product? The answer is quite simple really - nothing.

Live Long, Swim Strong, 

Kat with one of the "Woolly Monkey", or "Mono Lanudo" that lived on the sanctuary. This little guy loved attention and would always insist on hugs during feedings!





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