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  • Why do my invertebrates need calcium?
    Many common foods sold have a very low calcium content. Because of this, thousands of inverts in the hobby are calcium deficient. They suffer from stunted growth, eroded shells, have trouble molting, dont want to breed, and the list goes on. KatsAquatics calcium not only provides your inverts with the calcium they're begging for, but will many other essential micro and macro nutrients. Our calcium supplements ensure that your crustaceans receive all the nutrition they both require, and desire. KatsAquatics will hellp them look and feel beautiful, as well reach their potential in breeding.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    All domestic orders (US states and territories) are shipped out within two business days, and take about 5-7 days to arrive at your doorstep when selecting standards shipping. Expedited Shipping can be selected for a faster shipping method. International orders are also shipped our within two business days, though may take up to two weeks to arrive due to customs.
  • Where are you located?
    We are based in Brooklyn NY. All of our products are handmade and all of our live animals/plants are bred in NYC. Never imported.
  • Do the products need to be refrigerated?
    Nope! That's yet another perk! While made without preservatives, all of our nutritional products are fully dehydrated, and do not spoil if kept in a cool, dry environment.
  • What is your return policy?
    Free returns on non-living items for 30 days, guaranteed. You love it, or your money back! All live items including fish, snails, and plants have a D.O.A policy which is available in the "Live Animal Shipping" Section of the FAQ. We do not accept returns for healthy fish or lizards - this would be far too stressful for the animals. If you can no longer provide a home for your fish, please contact a local fish store. If you can no longer provide a home for your lizards, contact us and we will figure out a solution together. NEVER release your animals into the wild!
  • Do you have any reviews?
    Yes! we started off our journey sharing our products through Ebay, and Etsy, therefore the large majority of our reviews are from there. You can check out the reviews page in the header to read them! We are also working on getting reviews straight onto the website too :)
  • How can I become a KatsAquatics ambassador?
    Send us an email and we can discuss everything!
  • Do I need CO2 for my aquarium?
    CO2 without a doubt skyrockets plant growth, and liveliness. However, supplementing an aquarium with CO2 can be challenging, and is not necessary to see plant growth. Some good ol' fish poop and water works magic.
  • Acclimating Fish after receiving
    Float the Bag: Gently float the sealed bag containing your new fish in the acclimation container. This will allow the temperature inside the bag to gradually equalize with the water in the container Never Add Bag Water to Your Tank: It's crucial not to introduce water from the shipping bag into your aquarium. This water is likely high in ammonia and nitrates after travel and we don't want that in your tank. Drip Acclimation (Optional): For sensitive species or in cases of significant water parameter differences, you can perform drip acclimation. Attach a small length of airline tubing to an air control valve and secure the tubing in a knot, creating a slow drip. Place one end of the tubing in your aquarium and the other end into the acclimation container. Adjust the valve to control the rate of water flow from your tank into the container. This allows for a gradual introduction of your tank's water into the acclimation container. Observe for 15-30 Minutes: Allow the fish to acclimate to the temperature and water conditions for about 15-30 minutes. This time may vary depending on the sensitivity of the fish species. Net or Transfer Fish: Carefully net the fish from the acclimation container or gently pour them into a net over a clean bucket to avoid introducing any bag water into your tank. Slowly introduce the fish into your aquarium. Discard Acclimation Water: Dispose of the water in the acclimation container responsibly, away from your tank. Monitor the Fish: Keep an eye on your newly introduced fish for the next few hours to ensure they are adjusting well to their new environment. By following these acclimation instructions, you can help minimize stress and ensure the successful transition of your new fish to their new home. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at Enjoy your new aquatic friends!
  • DOAs
    1. Introduction At KatsAquatics, we are committed to delivering high-quality live fish, snails, and lizards to our valued customers. We take great care in ensuring the health and well-being of our aquatic and reptile species during transit. However, we understand that there may be rare instances where a product arrives in less than optimal condition. To address such situations, we have established this Dead On Arrival (DOA) Policy to outline the procedures for reporting and addressing potential DOA issues. 2. Definitions DOA (Dead On Arrival): A product is considered DOA if it arrives at the customer's designated delivery address in a deceased or visibly distressed state. 3. Scope This policy applies to all live fish, snails, and lizards purchased from KatsAquatics and covers DOA claims made by customers. 4. Eligibility for DOA Claims Customers are eligible to make a DOA claim if they meet the following conditions: The customer must provide clear photographic evidence of the deceased or visibly distressed being within two (2) hours of delivery. The customer must follow the unpacking and acclimation guidelines provided by KatsAquatics. The customer must adhere to the specified acclimation procedures for the respective species, as outlined on our website. 5. Reporting a DOA Customers who believe they have received a DOA being must take the following steps: Immediately photograph the deceased or visibly distressed product, ensuring that the product and packaging are clearly visible in the image. Send an email to with the subject line "DOA Claim - Order #[Insert Order Number]." In the email, include the following information: Customer name and contact details Order number Clear photographs of the DOA product and its packaging A brief description of the issue 6. Evaluation and Resolution Once a DOA claim is submitted, KatsAquatics will undertake the following steps: The KatsAquatics team will review the claim and photographic evidence provided by the customer. If the claim is deemed valid and meets the eligibility criteria, KatsAquatics will offer one of the following options, as determined by the customer's preference: A full refund for the price of the DOA product . A replacement of the DOA product in the next available shipment (subject to product availability). KatsAquatics reserves the right to request additional information or documentation to validate the claim. 7. Timelines for DOA Claims Customers must report DOA claims within four hours of delivery. Claims submitted after this timeframe may not be meet the requirements for 100% compensation. Please make sure someone is at home to receive your animals if placing an order. 8. Customer Responsibilities Customers are responsible for adhering to the unpacking and acclimation guidelines provided by KatsAquatics. 9. Contact Information For DOA claims and inquiries, customers can contact KatsAquatics at or 347-322-4766
  • How do you ship live snails?
    Mystery Snails are normally shipped in a container with moist paper towels. This allows them to enter a state of hibernation, and avoids possible troubles such as increased ammonia levels in water. Depending on weather, we will send the snails in insulation (styrofoam lined box, or paper insulation). If weather requires it, we will ship with a heat pack. It is not necessary to select the expedited shipping for snails at checkout, though it is recommended.
  • Shipping Live Fish
    We will always ship live fish in double bags within a styrofoam lined box. The water may contain methylene blue or aquarium salt to reduce stress variables on the fish. Heat packs will be added according to the weather. Expedited Shipping MUST be selected at checkout! Previously, we have eaten the cost and still shipped fish to customers who took advantage of the free shipping option. Free Shipping DOES NOT apply to fish! If Expedited shipping is not selected, we will provide a 48 hour grace period in which we will contact the customer and request additional payment for expedited shipping. If the balance is not paid, the order will be cancelled.
  • Shipping Live Crested Geckos
    Crested geckos are shipping in a classic gecko container, escape proof, with holes for breathing. They are insulated with paper and styrofoam lining. Heat packs are provided free of charge as needed. Over Night (lizard) Shipping MUST be selected at checkout! Free Shipping DOES NOT apply to lizards! We put a lot of work and love into breeding our geckos, and will not put their lives in danger by putting them under unnecessary stress via long shipping periods. We understand overnight is expensive, and we empathize with you. This cost does not go to us, but rather UPS/FEDex. Often time, the cost is even more than the flat rate $45, but that is the discount the we provide to our customers. If Expedited shipping is not selected, we will provide a 48 hour grace period in which we will contact the customer and request additional payment for expedited shipping. If the balance is not paid, the order will be cancelled.
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