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College Student Business CEO's Bring Their Brands Together to Bring the Best to YOU!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Being a business owner is no longer reserved for ripened MBA graduates dressed in suites with shiny suitcases. Today, the opportunities are endless, and two college students, myself (Kat), and Cole from Shrimptastic Aquatics have recognized that.

All while being full time students, traveling, and living our lives, we have both created products that are Natural, Nutritious, and Necessary for your aquatics invertebrates.

We both started making our products for our own shrimp and snails after having trouble finding the products we needed. I couldn't find valid calcium that wouldn't wreck water parameters, and Cole couldn't get ahold of the German-made shrimp lollies to feed his inverts. Instead of accepting our fates, the gears in our brains began rapidly turning, and fueled us to create our own products. We both spent months, upon months hustling away in the kitchen - product was burnt, spilled, and different each time. With a sort of stubborn determination, and unbeknownst to each other, two college kids would perfect their invertebrate food formulas and infiltrate the aquarium market. We began offering true American made, natural foods you can trust.

Coming from two vastly different states - myself being from NY, and Cole being from PA - we lived different lives, and have only recently met. We found it astonishing our just how similar our stories are! Instead of initiating a product "battle", and trying to push each other out of the market space, we decided to try combining our powers to bring the best, and the most to you, our fellow hobbyist. After all, we share common goals, audience, and love for inverts. The aquarium hobby is a beautiful place - not only for fish, and fish keepers, but the business owners that help make it all possible too.

Why do Shrimp Lollies and KatsAquatics Calcium go Perfect together?

  • Both are natural, whole food sources made from different ingredients. Using both of them with incorporate fantastic nutritional content and variety to ensure ulimate nutrition.

How are They Different?

  • KatsAquatics creates Calcium incorporated with nutritious foods, and allows for you to feed your inverts in a more discrete manner.

  • Shrimptastic lollies do not contain calcium, and are great for gathering all you inverts into one place to put on a show!

Why Did You Decide to Work Together?

  • We unanimously decided that the best thing for the hobby would be combining two talents, and spreading nutrition and information. We share peculiarly similar stories as well as ambitions, and know that joining forces would bring the most health and happiness into the hobby.

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