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Garlic and its Effect on Snails

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Proven benefits of Garlic inclusion in the diets of Aquarium Fish:

  1. Garlic significantly promotes growth.

  2. Fun Fact: Famous Discus breeder Jack Wattley, always incoorperate Garlic in his custom Discus food.

  3. Increase antioxidant activity in fish

  4. Decreases mortality rate

But then is it true that gardeners use a garlic spray to deter snails?

Yes, that is true, but only for raw garlic which contains a compound called Allicin. This compound works wonder for eliminating all types of aquatic parasites, and has even been shown to battle ich (XXX). This is the sole compound within garlic that deters snails.

However, 100% of Allicin is destroyed once it is heated to above 117 degrees Fahrenheit. All KatsAquatics calcium products are dehydrated at a temperature of 340 degrees fahrenheit for the first 30 minutes, then continue dehydrating at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 hours, after which they are left to complete the process at an ambient 85 degrees for 36 hours.

Therefore the compound allicin, the only part of the garlic that deters snails and other inverts is completely denatured, and is no longer present in the final product of all KatsAquatics Calcium. What stays however, is garlic's nutritional benefits, and the "tasty smell" all fish go crazy for!

Furthermore, a 2006 study by A.M. Shalaby for the Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research in Egypt found a 3% inclusion of garlic increased overall digestibility of protein, carbohydrates and fat in addition to lowering the total bacteria count within the intestines and muscles of the fish — as well as the water column of the aquarium.

Trust me, I know that the presence of garlic in fish food might seem a tad bit strange at a first glance. But rest assured! Our fellow scientists and fish food brands have done mounds of research on the benefits, and potential downfalls of garlic.

The conclusion was quite simple: A balanced level of garlic most definitely works to benefit aquarium fish by decreasing mortality, increasing palatability of foods, increasing antioxidant activity and promoting growth. That's why you can see garlic as an essential ingredient in every single KatsAquatics consumable product!


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