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Floating plants are one of the single best ways to filter out toxic chemicals (e.g. ammonia, heavy metals, etc.) from your water. They provide natural cover for shrimp and fish and look amazing in an aquarium.

 These plants are some of the fastest reproducers in the aquarium hobby - you will be rich in floaters before you know it!


Package May Include:

Golfball size or more of Dwarf Water Lettuce 


Two Size Available:

We have two different sizes of dwarf floaters. Pictured in the first image are the small dwarf floaters. They were grown in less humid environments with less light. In one order you will recieve atleast 10 pieces. 


Large dwarf floaters are genetically the same as the small ones, but were grown with intense light, and with a tight lid on the tank to create a humid environment. They require strong light and humidity to remain beautiful and healthy. They are also more susceptible to damage and decay during shipping. 

You will recieve atleast 4 pieces if choosing the large variety.


Small Dwarf Water Lettuce CAN grow into large varities when provided with the right environment.  Size comparisons can be seen in the third photo. 


Large Plants work great with nano tanks, they simply have greater care requirments. 

Dwarf Water Lettuce

  • Floaters are some of the easiest plants to care for in the hobby!

    Simply add them to the top of your water, and provide them with average lighting. We recommend adding fertilizer for absolute best results, though it is not necessary.


  • As all other KatsAquatics products, your plants will be shipped in the same box as the rest of your order. They will be carefully wrapped in a moist papertowl, placed in an air-tight ziplock bag, and insulated. 

    Our live plant shipping has had extraordinary success. However, in the case of any mishap, we also provide an awesome DOA policy. If you're not happy with your order, contact us, provide pictures within two hours, and it's on us!