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Jungle Val are gorgeous, tall plants that work wonders when placed in the background of your planted tank!


Perfect for Discus, Angels, Tetras, and just about any fish. Their long stems create a beautiful aquascape and create visual barriers for aggressive fish, helping create more peaceful, harmonous fish relations in your tank. 


Create a true "jungle look" in your tank with KatsAquatics XL Jungle Val. Coming in at 6"-15", The plants will immeidately reach the water surface of your tank, giving you the aquascape you desire instantly.


What You Get

  • 2 bulbs of Jungle Val
  • 3-7 stems each


Common Name: Jungle Val
Family Name: Hydrocharitaceae
Native To: North/Central America
Lighting: Low-Medium
pH: 6-7.5
Growth Demands: Moderate
Growth Form: Upright 
Growth Rate: Fast
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement In Tank: Background


Jungle Vallisneria