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Experience the finest Calcium Carbonate crafted from ground limestone with an impressive 97.6% purity. This food-grade, non-GMO, and natural white mesh powder offer versatility in various applications.


 This Calcium Carbonate powder is the star ingredient in KatsAquatics Calcium Tablets! So you know it's top-notch quality and trusted by the experts.


Now, here's a little heads-up for those new to the hobby, or those who like to keep it simple – handling the powder can be a bit tricky. It requires measuring, stablility, and consistency when dosing your tanks. That's why we originally made the Calcium tablets - to simplify calcium supplementation and make it as easy as 1,2,3. For these reasons, this calcium is great for hobbyists looking to make DIY food, or it straight to the water column. 


So, whether you're a fish fanatic or a creative DIY guru, our Calcium Carbonate is here to bring smiles to both you and your aquatic friends. Embrace the goodness of this natural and unflavored powder, and watch your aquarium flourish with life! Just remember, if you're new to the aquarium world, take it easy, seek advice, and enjoy the journey of discovery! We always recommend using KatsAquatics Calcium Tablets to make fish keeping as easy as posssible.

Pure Calcium Powder -#1 ingredient in KatsAquatics Calcium Tablets