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Now that you've got KatsAquatics Calcium to feed to your inverts, how about you add some KatsAquatics neocaridina shrimp to your collection too!


All KatsAquatics shrimp were born and raised in Brooklyn NY. We do not import, and take extra care in making sure our shrimp are healthy, happy, and as prepared as possible to acclimate to their new home in your fish tank!


Our Shrimp have been bred in "color specific" tanks which means that they have pure bloodlines. For example, breeding yellow KatsAquatics aquatics shrimp will yield almost exclusively yellow shrimp (of course we can't account for nature and incredible gene variations or allele selections during reproduction).


All shrimp received are guaranteed to be disease free. 


Shrimp will be shipped in breather bags, or plastic bags with heat packs if necessary. 


We include Java moss in the shrimps' bag to provide them will something to hold on to during the ride, and as a fun little gift for the customer! We also include free KatsAquatics Calcium Samples in all of our orders as well. 


Shrimp shipped out to you will be juveniles and just a few weeks away from breeding size. Sometimes we even throw in an adult berried female!


All shrimp orders include 1-2 "extra" shrimp. These shrimp are not covered by the DOA policy, and are added absolutely free of charge to your order to account for any rare DOA's. 

In the event that you have more than 2 shrimp arrive DOA, we require you provide us pictures of them still in the bag. Depending on the circumstance, we will either partially refund you, or send another order of shrimp your way.

10+ Red Cherry Shrimp