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Juvenile bettas bred and raised in the KatsAquatics fish room. These bettas are about 5 months old, and are at the perfect age to find their new homes! Their colors are almost fully in, and they're absolute show stoppers!


They're pure bred, and both of their parents were also Red Dragons. 


🪱 The bettas were raised on a variety of foods ranging from live whiteworms, frozen blood worms, pellets, and flakes.


🍂 They also always had a couple of Catappa Leaves in their tank to reduce Ph, and increase the presence of tannins to make them feel right at home. Because of this, each order will come with a few complimentary leaves to help acclimate your new bettas!


📦 We ship our bettas in insulated priority mail boxes with heat/cool packs as required by weather, as well as cushioning to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. 


Priority Shipping MUST be selected at checkout, or your betta will not be sent out!  Free Shipping offer does NOT apply to bettas!


Red Dragon Plakat Betta