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Take your tank to the next level by including a pop of intrest and architecture with the KatsAquatics Decor. 


The Surprised Mushroom Decor is perfect for providing shelter and hide out spots for your shrimp, baby snails, and mini plecos. By providing them a safe place to reside, you will help reduce stress, which encourages breeding and a longer life span. 


The clay use provides filtrative like properties, as well as is a surface for biological bacteria growth, both of which help your aquarium stay clear and sparkling. 


Made with high quality ceramic clay, the decor will never leach any minerals into your water, nor will it affect your water parameters. It follows the same rules as our calcium tabs: "Does not affect water quality!" which is extremely important for keeping our precious inverts healthy. 


Dimensions: 2.75"x3.15"x2.75"

Material: Ceramic

Surprised Mushroom Decor