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Mystery Snails
Mystery snails make a great addition to any freshwater aquarium because of their peaceful temperament and assortment of color. Snails do a great job at cleaning up excessive algae that builds up on glass and any leftover food that drops to the bottom of the aquarium. Hard water and calcium supplementation (KatsAquatics)will help promote strong healthy shells.



All Mystery snails will arrive without water and need to be acclimated to their new aquarium right away. Due to stress of shipping and change of environment it is normal for them to take a day or two to peak out of their shells. Only be alarmed if a shell is empty or the snail floats when put into your aquarium. If you suspect a snail is dead, remove it from the water, and smell it. If there is a foul odor eminating, the snail has passed. If not, the snail is still alive and simply needs more time to adust to their new home. 


LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE: We guarantee live arrival on all of our products. If you suspect any issues with your order upon arrival we must be notified within 4hrs of delivery to assist with saving stressed fish or verify DOA. Shipping is stressful for all livestock and fish must be attended to right away. In a rare case that your livestock is dead on arrival, please take clear photos of the product and send it to us. Once we have the clear photos, you may choose a replacement or a refund for the lost items. However, you may rest assured the mystery snails do very well in shipping, and rarely arrive dead.
Scratches on snail shells:

Here at KatsAquatics, we pride ourselves in having the a healthy, and effective calcalcium supplement that keeps your invertebrates shells/exoskeletons pristine and proper. However, snails may also scratch their shells by being clumsy, falling onsubstrate, or gettin stuck in decor. This is inevitable, and every snai keeper will encounter small scratches on their snails. These scratches usually go away as the snail gets older, provided you have a soft, sand-like substrate for them to make soft crash landings when gliding down the tank. 

Blue Mystery Snail