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How is Calcium + Protein Special?

Calcium+Protein provides the greatest calcium, and protein content than any of the other flavors KatsAquatics offers. It focuses more on healthy shell and body growth, while tablets such as Calcium + Nutrition or Calcium + Immunity focus on nutrient and mineral delivery. 


What animals eat them?

  • neocaridina/caridina shrimp
  • all aquatic snails (mystery/ramshorn/rabbit/all!)
  • plecos
  • crabs
  • land snails and hermit crabs
  • any fish that loves to steal bottom feeder food!

The nutrition tablets are perfect for breeding colonies, and provide ample vitamins and minerals for baby shrimp and snails, as well as full grown adults. With two different types of calcium in one jar, you can ensure your crustaceans have a varied, and complete diet.


Why do i need them?


  • calcium deprivation (nearly ALL aquarium inverts are calcium deprived)
  • weak, damaged shells
  • no more failed molts
  • prevent premature death

The aquarium hobby was meant to be enjoyable for everybody! That means you, and all of your aquatic pets. We have to stop the ongoing care deprivation of our scavenging critters. Dont be the hobbyists who starves their shrimp or snails - they are just as important as your "showcase" fish. Without their optimal health, your entire fish tank ecosystem will feel the effects too.


Now with Brewers Yeast!


  • Molting Support: The protein content and nutritional profile of brewer's yeast can aid in the molting process for invertebrates, providing the necessary building blocks for the formation of a new exoskeleton.

  • Protein Source: Brewer's yeast is rich in protein, providing essential amino acids necessary for the growth and development of invertebrates. Protein is crucial for molting, reproduction, and overall cellular function.

  • B Vitamins: Brewer's yeast is a natural source of B vitamins, including B1 through B6  and B9 . These vitamins play key roles in energy metabolism, immune function, and overall health.



  • extra shell growth - ideal for injured snails. 
  • Super boost in molting and body growth. 
  • Bigger body growth
  • healthy, fulfilled ecosystem - just like mother nature intended

Whether you're breeding top quality shrimp and snails, or you're keeping your inverts as part of your community, you definitely want the healthiest bottom dwellers possible. KatsAquatics tablets not only supply them with calcium they want so dearly, but dozens of other essential vitamins and minerals such as : Vitamins A, C, K1, B6, iron, and phosphorous for optimal nutrition.



Gross weight: 2.9oz

Net WT: 1.7oz

Dimensions: 2" diameter; 2" tall


Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, whole egg, wheat, brewers yeast, garlic. 


Calcium + Protein

SKU: 0003
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